Beitrittsdatum: 3. Aug. 2022


Polygonum Online – free-to-play, cross-platform multiplayer game with NFT Marketplace and OpenWorld. Key feature is NFT Marketplace with live demand and supply from players. Open World is divided into three zones (FARM, PVP, PVE), where everyone will find something to do.

Polygonum Online Features

FARM zone – Safe area.

  • Free item storage

  • Free craft table, upgrade items level, repair

  • NFT Marketplace

  • NPC Marketplace

  • NPC quests

  • Private island – build own FARM invite friends and get benefit

PVE zone – Pseudo safe area. Divided into sub-zones with different levels of enemies. Level of enemies depends on the value of loot from them.

  • Resource extraction (wood, plants, fabric, meat etc.)

  • Mining ores (stone, metal, gold etc.)

  • Completing NPC quests

  • Enemies (wild animals, zombies)

PVP zone – Danger area. Battle of players and death bounty, rare resources and zombies.



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